EngageMe.tv/Smores.tv Linked Partner Program
Thank you for being an Adscend Media publisher! If you are already integrated with our Offer Wall, you are eligible for a direct integration with EngageMe.tv/Smores.tv with no additional development work. By directly integrating with EngageMe.tv or Smores.tv, we will send you new users that visit our service and choose to sign up for your site or app.

If you are not already integrated with our Offer Wall, please contact your AM to get set up with both our Offer Wall and EngageMe.tv/Smores.tv.

The Basics
Your publisher ID will help us to identify the appropriate account ID to integrate. Your logo will be used on EngageMe.tv and Smores.tv during the user sign up process as well as when users decide to link an additional partner account.
What is your publisher ID or account email address? *
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Please enter a URL to your logo. Alternatively, you can email it directly to an Adscend account manager. For best quality, please include a transparent PNG smaller than 1 mb. *
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Referring New Users
As part of direct integration, we will also send you new users who have never signed up to your site or app. For each new user we send you who earns with you, we ask for a fair commission. To participate in direct integration, you must have a referral program. Please share your terms, information on how to check our stats, and our referring url below. Thank you!
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How do we check stats on referrals? *
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Last Step
Users must have access to their user id (as shared with us in subid1 on the Offer Wall) to link their accounts. The easier this is for a user to find, the more success you will have directly integrating with us. If you can share this ID number on a prominent area of your website or app, you will see more users link their accounts to you.
What instructions should we provide the user to link their account? Please note the user will need to enter the value you send to us in "subid1" (user id) on the Offer Wall. *
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