Summer Latino Leadership Summit application

Please answer the questions below in full. All applicants will receive communication through email and phone regarding Summit details. Please carefully complete questions regarding your mailing address. Parents/Guardians will receive a information packet and waiver forms to be completed for student participation in the summit. Students: Please enter email addresses that you will be able to check during the summer months to receive accurate and up to date communication in regards to the summit. Applications must be submitted by June 1st. $200 fee due by July 1st. Por favor, conteste las siguientes preguntas Las solicitudes deben presentarse el 1 de Junio. Cuota de $ 200 debido al primero de Julio. EARLY REGISTRATION- by May 15th receives discounted registration of $175 Bring 2-4 people from the same school and each person receives a $25 discount, bring 5+ people from the same school and everyone receives $50 registration discount. REGISTRO TEMPRANO antes del 15 de Mayol se incluye inscripciĆ³n con descuento de $ 175 Invite 2-4 personas de la misma escuela, y cada persona recibe un descuento de $ 25, trae 5 personas + de la misma escuela y todos reciben descuento de $50 por cada inscripciĆ³n.
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