Skyline Writing Center New Consultant Application - 2017-2018
Thank you for your interest in being a consultant in the Skyline Writing Center next year!

In addition to completing this application, you will also be asked to meet with Mr. Austin for a short in-person interview during early and late lunches in late March. You will be notified of acceptance decisions via email.

By completing this application, you understand that a) you will need to be in Mr. Austin's Skytime for the duration of the 2017-2018 school year and b) you will need to make room in your schedule to accommodate at least one hour of Writing Center for at least one trimester if you are selected to join the team.

This application must be completed by Friday, March 31, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

Questions? Email Mr. Austin (

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What grade will you be in next year?
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What are your preferred pronouns?
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What is your cumulative high school grade point average (GPA)?
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How many times have you used Writing Center services (in B429, in class, or online) during your Skyline career?
What Writing Center related or sponsored events have you participated in during your Skyline career?
If you have participated in another way that isn't listed here, please add it in the other category.
Provide the name of a Skyline staff member willing to act as a reference on your behalf.
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Provide a Google Doc link to a piece of writing that you consider to be your best work.
Your writing sample does not need to be academic. Please ensure that your Google Doc is set to "anyone with the link can view." Access will not be requested, and your application will be considered incomplete if the document cannot be accessed.
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In Writing Center, there are four (4) bedrock beliefs: we will facilitate funds of knowledge, encourage growth mindset, share vulnerability with our peers, and engage in community service. If selected as a consultant, how will you uphold these core beliefs?
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In Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers, author Jackie Grutsch McKinney writes about the "grand narrative" for Writing Centers: "Writing Centers are places where all students go to get one-on-one tutoring on their writing." What do you agree with, disagree with, and think should be modified about this "grand narrative?"
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