Student Orientation And Registration (S.O.A.R) Summer 2012 Parent Evaluation Form

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The materials I received were relevant to the subject matter that was covered.
The faculty, staff, and student volunteers were helpful, informed and courteous at all times.
Overall, the "Money Matters" session was informative and helped me to understand the financial obligations related to higher education.
The representative from the Financial Aid Office provided vital information regarding the processsing and rewarding of financial aid.
The representative from the Office of Admissions clarified the scholarship process for me.
Overall, the "Schooling the Parent" session gave me a comprehensive look at the policies and procedures as they pertain to academic and social life at AAMU.
The administrative panel in the "Mr. & Mrs. Smith.... We Have A Situation" session provided a good exchange and gave me an opportunity to have questions answered.

S.O.A.R. registration and check-in procedures.
General Session: Program Overview.
"Money Matters" session: Overall.
"Schooling the Parent" session: Overall.
"Mr. & Mrs. Smith.... We Have A Situation" session: Overall.
Overall parental S.O.A.R. experience.

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