AP GIS&T Course Proposal: High School Attestation
For the proposed AP GIS&T course to be formally considered by The College Board, at least 250 high schools must complete this form. If the College Board approves course development, it will likely take 3-5 years before the AP GIS&T course is available to high schools.
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Attestation Statement
By signing this form, I attest that my school has the capacity and desire to offer AP GIS&T, with a minimum of 25 students likely to be prepared and willing to enroll in AP GIS&T in the first year it is available.
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High School State (location) *
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If applicable, please list the name of any existing GIS&T-related courses currently taught at this school (including honors or advanced courses) and the approximate student enrollment of these courses.
e.g. Geospatial Tools & Techniques, 25 students
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