Adult Self-Test
adult self test
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Would you like to enjoy reading more?
Do you think you should be able to read faster?
Do you have difficulty understanding what you have read as well as you would like?
Does it take effort to maintain your concentration while reading? (short attention span)
Do you tend to skip words or lines of print while reading?
After reading, do you look up and notice that distance objects are momentarily blurred?
Does print tend to appear blurry after reading for a while?
Do your eyes (check all that apply):
Do you ever experience double vision while reading?
Do words appear to float or move while reading?
Do you tend to lose your place while reading or copying?
Do you tend to use your finger as a marker to keep your place while reading or copying?
Do you have to re-read lines while reading?
Do your eyes feel tired at the end of the day?
Do you sometimes have to squint, close or cover one eye when reading?
Do you ever experience headaches during or after reading?
Are you especially sensitive to sunlight or glare?
Are you aware of any tendency to move your head closer to or away from what you are reading?
If you use a computer, does the computer screen bother you?
Are you NOT able to read for as long as you like before your eyes get tired?
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