Receiving / Consolidation Quote Request
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where do you need the goods stored
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please identify the area for storage that you have identified in the previous question
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description of the items to be received and/or consolidated *
detailed description of the goods and especially the total floor space and height they will require
special equipment or access
such as dock receiving, forklift, pallet jacks or other equipment or materials needed
declared value for insurance purposes
enter a value if you would like to have the cost of insurance added to the rate
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the date by which you need service to begin
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how long do you expect to need the services
any other information you think is relevant to your shipment or questions you may have for us.
Notice and Authorization - please enter your initials *
For the safety of all persons and property, I acknowledge the right of all carriers to inspect, search and refuse any cargo. If I tender any cargo to or through A2 Global Shipping, its agents, partners, carriers or assignees, I authorize same to act on my behalf for the filing of any documents required for the legal import or export of my goods. I acknowledge that this is a good faith estimate but that final rates and charges are determined upon tendering of the shipment and that the waybill or bill of lading issued at the time of pickup and/final auditing of the chargeable weight and characteristics of the goods will govern the contract for transportation and related services.
Final Instructions *
When you submit this form, we will give it a quick review and if necessary, reply by email for additional information. Generally "additional information" means photographs of the item(s) to be stored. If your job is one that we have to decline, then we will still reply, and we will cc: the email to another vendor who may be able to complete the same job. The reply email will contain all of the information that you have provided us, that way you should not have to provide them the same information all over again.
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