A-Kon 28 Press Pass Request Form
All press badges must be picked up in the Press Relation’s office. Each applicant must have a current photo ID and valid press credential issued in their name.

A-Kon press badges are complimentary badges and issued only through the A-Kon Press Relation Department. A-Kon does not provide press badges to Cosplay photographers and online photo galleries. A-Kon Press Relations will only grant (2) of press badges. Extra press badges will be granted to those that demonstrate a need for more and with the approval of the A-Kon Press Relation Manager.

Please be advised that because a reporter or organization was approved for press at a past event does not guarantee a press badge for the current year.

Must obey A-Kon press policies. A-Kon will not be responsible for your travel, food or lodging. Failure to comply with A-Kon press policies can result in revoking all press privileges for you and the company that you are representing.

Privileges include:
Access to con press releases, briefings and access to press-only rooms and press seating in special events, when provided. Access to press conferences, subject to space and time available. Available to schedule interviews through the A-Kon Press Relations, subject to guests schedule and availability. (All Guest Interview Questions Must be Pre-Approved)

Must respect guest, staff and other participants
Must show up 10 minutes prior to approved interviews, and special event seating in the Press Relation office.
Comply with all photo and video restrictions as conveyed by the A-Kon Press Relation Staff.
All photos and questions must be pre-approved by A-Kon Press Relation staff prior to the interview.

All interviews must be arranged through A-Kon’s Press Relation’s office. Requests are not a guarantee.
All approvals are subject to guest’s availability and schedules. All interview questions are to be submitted to A-Kon’s Press Relation’s office for review prior to (date).

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