Front End Engineer @
If you haven't read about our team and culture - please read it here first:

About you:

- You have understanding what makes an experience
- You can distill complicated problems into simple and elegant solutions
- Be a strong software engineer
- Prefer real work to fake or political work
- Expertise in CSS, Javascript, HTML, JSON, HTTP Rest
- Familiary with JS frameworks such as React.js, Angular, Backbone, Ember, etc. etc. etc.
- Familiary with CSS preprocessors such as SASS, Stylus, Less, etc.
- Familiary with build pipelines such as Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, etc.
- Expertise in React.js preferred
- Passionate about web development
- You work well with teams
- Experience or interest in leadership and responsibility
- You thrive in an startup environment
- You read everything and will paste an html peace character somewhere in your application.
- Please include a link to your portfolio.

Some practical questions below - most are optional but helps us a great deal in figuring out if there's a good fit.

We apologise in advance - we may only be able to get back to shortlisted candidates; but we really, really appreciate every application, we think that is the greatest flattery we could ask for.

Please include link(s) to your CV / portfolio
Linkedin, GitHub, Dribble, etc.
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When are you available to join us?
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