Field Trips at 826LA in Echo Park
We are currently accepting applications for the 2018-19 school year.
If you are interested in scheduling a field trip with 826LA in Echo Park for the 2018-19 school year, please fill out the following form. However, each semester does fill up early on due to many returning teachers.

As an organization, 826LA aims to provide our educational services to under-resourced schools, teachers, and students in Los Angeles. Due to the high demand for 826LA's Field Trips program, 826LA will give priority to schools in LAUSD that have a Free or Reduced Price School Meal percentage of 51% or higher. We do not currently offer field trips to private schools or homeschool classes.

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Are you the teacher who will be bringing your students to 826LA in Echo Park, or a field trip coordinator planning the trip for a teacher? *
If you are a field trip coordinator, which teacher will be attending the field trip, and what is their email address?
826LA in Echo Park requests communication with both the coordinator and the teacher. If you are coordinating field trips for more than one teacher, please list the names and email addresses of all teachers that you will be coordinating for. If you are a teacher scheduling multiple field trips for your colleagues, include their information here as well.
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How many students would you like to bring in for a field trip?
We have a limit of 40 students per field trip, with the exception of Personal Statements, which we cap at 30 students. If you would like to bring more than 40 students on a field trip, you will need to book separate field trips. This ensures high quality and attention for each student.
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What type of field trip are you interested in your students participating in? *
For a description of each type of field trip, visit:
Is your school a part of LAUSD? *
826LA gives priority to schools in LAUSD that also have a Free and Reduced Price School Meal percentage of 51% or higher.
What is your school's current Free and Reduced Priced School Meal percentage? *
If you are unsure, please search for your school in this database from the California Department of Education (reference column F, % Eligible FRPM K-12):
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Knowing that at this time 826LA is unable to provide transportation for your field trip, please indicate how you are planning to get to and from our space. *
Is there any information you'd like us to know about your students or the lesson that you'd like us to run with your students?
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If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please leave them here:
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Thank you!
Thank you! Your information will be reviewed by 826LA staff. If we are able accommodate your field trip, we will be in touch with you shortly and you will be sent a booking calendar. It will be helpful to have some back-up dates in mind should your first choice be taken. We run over 100 field trips per year so we appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions or concerns about your field trip, contact Cathy Mayer, Program Coordinator in Echo Park, directly at or 213.413.3388.

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