56 Game Studios Pricing Research Survey
56 Game Studios is an indie game studio based out of the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, ON, Canada. We’re building a game that you can play on any device you own, where your save file transfers between devices and you can play with your friends, regardless of the device they’re using.

But we need your help! Since we want to make a game that you can play whenever you want, and where ever you want, we want to figure out a pricing strategy that works best for our players. Whether that is buy once play anywhere, or offer an option to purchase only for one platform. The survey below will take your through some questions to figure out how you like to buy your games, and what pricing options you think will work best for our game.

If you fill out the survey below you will receive a beta key to our game when it is nearing launch (tentatively set for early 2018).

Thank you so much for your time!

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