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CHARITABLE FOUNDATION USA/COHESION USA - INSTRUCTIONS: This form is used for all types of registrations. To just receive CFUSA News, complete Section 1 only.

Start this form by entering your email address. We will email to you a copy of your completed Constituent Registration Form. Save the completed electronic form that we email you for future reference. If down the road you want to make changes, e.g., you change your street address, cell phone number, etc., click the "Edit Response" button at the top of the form we emailed to you.

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Charitable Foundation USA/Cohesion USA
1. Registering for CFUSA News
Every Registered Constituent is automatically a subscriber to CFUSA News - our one electronic newsletter that covers all programs and funds. If at some point you do not want to continue to receive CFUSA News, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.
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Later you may enter a fictitious name if you intend to submit essays. But here we must have your real first name.
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Later you may enter a fictitious name if you intend to submit essays. But here we must have your real last name.
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If you do not reside in the United States you are still welcome to participate. Enter the country of your residence.
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Whether you reside in the United States or not, enter your residential Postal Code. In the United States that is your 5-digit Zip Code.
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If you ONLY want to receive CFUSA News, choose the first option. That will complete this edition of your Constituent Registration Form. If you want the option to become more involved, select option 2. "More involvement" includes submitting essays, participating in face-to-face group meetings, making financial contributions and so on.
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