Web Marketing Survey
What web marketing challenges do you have, with 1 being least important and 5 the most important challenge?
Social Media Marketing
Psychology of the sales funnel?
Have a popular site but they're not buying!!!
Content Marketing
Production, Engaging, Variety, Budget, Measure, Training, Resources, Integration, Media buying
Photosphere Google "Street View" INSIDE your building.
Production, Engaging, How to implement / embed, Resources.
Pay Per Click marketing, Search engine marketing SEM. (Good for short run events marketing)
Also pay per impressions for brand marketing.
Google+ local business pages
Listing map.google.com missing. Listing NOT verified (ticked shield next to your circular profile photo missing.)
Google Local marketing
Video Marketing
Production, Dissemination, Buzzz
Image search optimisation ISO
Getting your images found in search results.
Web Statistics: Research, Recording, Reporting, Analysis, Recommendations, Action.
Review marketing.
eg on Tripadvisor, Google+ review, etc.
Other such as opt-in email marketing including constant contact via ezines (online newsletters)
Before web mail, email was a subset of the internet but not the web.
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