ABC Nexus - Feedback and Assistance Form
This form is the ideal way to communicate;

- General help enquirers
- Logic and Display errors
- Enhancements & changes

The responses are automatically entered into our tracking database, however 360 have to manually accept or reject based upon the understanding of the information submitted.


PLEASE - ONE ISSUE per FORM. If you have a number of issues, please submit several forms.



(1) Complete this form
(2) Acceptance by Project Manager
(3) Solution Progress for within 48 hours to 12 days (subject to SLA)
(4) Testing + Documentation
(5) Acceptance by Originator with 24 to 48 hours of point 3 (the solution)
(6) Changes RELEASED on next official release date.

If you have any queries re this process please email

Version 3.0 of Form

Process flow - Problem > Dev > Test > Production (LIVE)
End User Information
Only one help request / error / bug / change request per form please - you may submit as many forms as required.
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example John Doe
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What name would you like to use for this request?
Examples "New EDI Client" / "Duplication error" / "Book collection new feature" / "Missing information on XXXX"
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