Help Organize the March for Jobs, Justice & Climate Action
From Alberta to the coasts, Canada is ready for an economy that reflects our values, creates jobs, and solves climate change.

We don’t have to choose between the economy or the environment. Real climate action means investing in mass public transit, clean energy infrastructure and affordable housing.  It means expanding low-carbon sectors like healthcare, education and sustainable agriculture.  By taking real climate action, we can create an economy that is more fair and equal and offers hundreds of thousands of good new jobs.

We want an economy where workers win, communities have more democratic control, and those most impacted and impoverished are the first in line to benefit. Which honours Indigenous peoples' rights and recognizes their role in protecting the land, air and water for everyone. Which respects the limits of the environment made clear by climate science.

This July, Toronto will host a Pan American Climate Summit and an Economic Summit, where politicians will face a choice: listen to corporate leaders from across the Americas gathering to advance an economic austerity agenda that is increasing inequality and cooking the planet – or listen to the people.

On the eve of those summits, let’s make sure they hear our demands:  a justice-based transition to a new energy economy, in which corporate polluters pay and ordinary people benefit.

The only way to overcome a small, powerful group who have a lot to lose is to build a massive movement of people with everything to gain.

On Sunday July 5, join the March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate in the streets of Toronto.
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Organizing Structure
The March for Jobs, Justice & Climate Action will be organized with 3 primary organizing structures. The central hub will be the Toronto Organizing Committee with support and intersection from a national Mobilization Support Team & a series of Organizing Hubs. There is also a team of staff and interns from that will be working to coordinate the organizing committee and implement the organizing plan.
Statement of Purpose & Shared Goals

We are coming together to organize the March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate on July 5th in Toronto. We will strive to approach the organizing of this march in a spirit of mutual solidarity with the aim of building long term, intersectional organizing relationships between groups and across movements.

This mobilization is being organized to seize a specific political moment that is framed by the opportunities presented by the collapsed price of oil, an upcoming federal election in Canada and the upcoming Paris climate summit this November. The march itself is also timed to immediately precede the Pan American Economic and Climate Summits. Within this frame we recognize that just climate solutions are inherently interwoven with economic and social justice, and will approach the march in this spirit.

We recognize that there are more things that we agree upon than disagree. In the spirit of finding ambitious and diverse solutions, we commit to surface important tensions early in the organizing of this mobilization.

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Organizing Principles
We will approach the organizing of the March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate with these principles:

1. In organizing this project, we will be open and receptive to new ideas and initiatives, and empower new leaders and existing leaders in movements not historically seen as part of environmental and climate movements. From faith groups to community organizations to schools and more, we will work with a diversity of groups and individuals because we need everybody’s ideas and commitment to create the change we need. We will also commit to provide resources to facilitate this broad based participation.

2. We will promote a tone of respect, honesty, transparency, and accountability in our actions. Throughout the organizing of this project we will be working quickly and efficiently but do so in a way that shares the work with others. We will strive to say “yes” and empower one another as much as possible, and stay flexible so we can focus on taking action in a way that serves our communities and the principles we agreed on.

3. In prioritizing the building of broad and diverse participation in the struggle for climate justice, we will focus on our shared goals, and thus commit to avoid harm to individuals, property, or the land.

4. We will work to ensure that anti-oppression permeates, and is at the core of, our organizing including all of the tasks we take on within our working groups, organizing hubs, and individual spheres.

5. We will all hold each other accountable to respecting these agreements.

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Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing *
We will also frame our organizing as striving towards the Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing and commit to ground ourselves in these principles and regularly check in on how we are doing in this approach. We also recognize that we are still a long way from achieving the Jemez Principles and so will strive towards them, recognizing that growing our movements towards them is a core part of our work. Download and read them here:
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