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Staff Evaluation
Please select the number that is an accurate reflection of employee's performance.
1 = Unsatisfactory, 2 = Needs Improvement, 3 = Satisfactory, 4 = Commendable, 5 = Excellent, N/A = Not Applicable
Demonstrates punctuality and reports to assignment on time. *
Is neat, professional and appropriate in appearance and demeanor *
Follows instruction left by teacher and covers lesson plan (if available) *
Demonstrates clarity in verbal presentation *
Relates well and interacts effectively with students *
Cooperates with administrators *
Displays good classroom management skills *
Takes appropriate actions regarding student behavior *
Uses motivational techniques *
Seeks assistance when necessary and appropriate *
Takes appropriate steps to ensure student safety and security *
Relates well to other staff members *
Recommendations for staff
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If there is an incident report regarding this substitute, please communicate immediately with Insight - (856) 406 6015
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