CS251P - Lab 4 Questions
Which one of these is not a field in a transaction?
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What is the limit on the number of bytes in the coinbase field within a coinbase transaction?
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If you receive bitcoins from the coinbase transaction in block 400,000, what is the first block you can spend that output?
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Which of these people has their privacy reduced if you reuse your bitcoin addresses?
The coffee drinker in the example above went to Coupa Cafe on Fri, Oct 2nd. How much did that person spend in BTC the previous time they went to Coupa Cafe (on Feb 7th 2015)?
Take a look at past transactions associated with 1CwU4DEkFW7oFe7icenMGqUYL3QBk21mXq and the coffee drinkers address 1L4m6YkTuPpfY5DkZoYXfSH5Nk8f5ZGJs3. There's only one transaction.
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Using a block explorer, what information are you able to determine about Coupa Cafe's Bitcoin habits?
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