MongoSV Awards Nomination

Innovative Application Award This award recognizes a company or individual who has built an innovative application using MongoDB. In the submission form, tell us what the application does and how MongoDB was uniquely suited as the data store. Community Champion Award This award recognizes an individual for their efforts evangelizing and growing the MongoDB community. Nominees should be actively engaged in the MongoDB community through events, social media, the user forum, and/or blogging. Tell us how the nominee has influenced developers and encouraged adoption of MongoDB. Contributor Award This award recognizes a community member for significant contribution to the codebase of the MongoDB core server, language drivers, or tools. Contributors to the documentation are also eligible. In the nomination form, explain to us the contribution that this person has made and how that has impacted development for other MongoDB users. Nomination rules The nomination process is open to the entire MongoDB community. Entries will be reviewed by the 10gen team and awards committee. 10gen employees are not eligible for this award.
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